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Clinical Performance of the VivaDiag ™ COVID-19 lgM / IgG Rapid Test in Early Detecting the Infection of COVID-19


to evaluate the immune response of negative patients during a COVID-19 outbreak.

Patients are serially tested with a VivaDiag ™ COVID-19 lgM / IgG Rapid Test to evaluate the immune response in negative patients and the reliability of the test in those patients who develop clinical signs of COVID-19 during the trial.


Risk communication at the time of Coronavirus: are we washing our hand of COVID-19?
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.36000.53766
As the tide of Covid-19 flood the world, health authorities are implementing a number of measures that have deeply changed the way people live. However, there is no shared consensus on how to communicate to the public what is happening, and why these extreme interventions are needed. Instead, people received in the latest weeks contrasting messages from the different actors involved in the fight against Coronavirus. Nevertheless, risk communication represents a key factor and is part of the response to any emergency or to the rise of any hazard affecting human health This delicate phase of information also has ethical and legal implications and directly affects people’s right to know and to act consequently for their own and the collectivity’s sake. We therefore call for the urgent creation of an International Crisis Management Unit aimed to implement a global, coordinated, top-to-bottom risk communication plan, coherent with what measures have been taken and will be taken in the future.
Particulate does matter: is Covid-19 another air pollution related disease?
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22283.85286/1
As Covid-19 spreads around the world, the level of uncertainty related to this infection remains high. Governments and health systems are following different and uncoordinated strategies to contain the epidemic. The use of personal protective devices aimed to protect people from air pollution may help to contain the spreading of the disease. Unfortunately, many people are using inapt facial masks and/or wearing improperly the mask itself. That could lead to risky behaviours that might eventually increase the transmission of the disease. We therefore point out how some of the strategies that we studied to fight air pollution can be useful to protect people also from Covid-19.
Humankind versus Virus: Are we winning the battle but losing the war?
Se e come la telemedicina possa essere d’aiuto nella pandemia Coronavirus