eHealth-eHealth and Telemedicine


This project is part of the Research Unit CENTRO STUDI Giancarmine Russo DigitalSIT
The Italian society for eHealth and Telemedicine

We are currently collecting the evidences from scientific and medical literature on the design, application and implementation of electronic medicine and telemedicine for the clinical practice and for research.

We have searched the literature thoroughly, asked the experts, designed theoretical models and collected our original findings and observations in a series of book and publications. Our aim is to deliver the state of the art in this field, encouraging the development of working projects.
Meet the Board
“ what we still do not know is disproportionately vast compared to what we know"
Fabio Capello
Director of the Reserch Unit

Cave Coronam et Vale

Antonio V. Gaddi
Former-Director of the Reserch Unit