FC-eHealth and Telemedicine

Fabio Capello

Dr Fabio Capello, MD, MSc
Specialist in Paediatrics
Medicine in Extreme Rural and Limited-resource Settings Tropical Diseases and Malnutrition in Children Journalism, Medical Writing and Scientific Communication eHealth and Tele-Medicine Medical Epistemology and Complexity in Medicine
Fabio Capello is medical doctor, with a specialization in Pediatrics and a Master in Journalism and Science Communication. He is Series Editor for Springer Nature (Sustainable Development Goals Series - Good Health and Well Being). His main field of interest are: projects of international cooperation in developing countries; tropical medicine and global health with a special focus on pediatrics, malnutrition and acute severe malnutrition in children, infectious disease (including malaria, TB, HIV), medicine in extreme, low-resource and rural setting; eHealth and telemedicine; science communication and medical education; child care and wellbeing; air pollution and ecology.
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